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Edward A. Sparling, M.D.

404 ratings and reviews
  • There was hardly any wait time, even though the lobby was full. I was very comfortable with Dr. Sparling. He explained everything clearly. I appreciate the time he took to go through all the options.

    Reviewed by: Andria

  • Dr. Sparling was very impressive. It was evident from the first minute that Dr. Sparling really knew his stuff.

    Reviewed by: Mark

  • I had a very satisfying visit with Dr. Sparling.

    Reviewed by: Anne R

  • Dr. Sparling listened to my concerns and provided antibiotic recommendations for future dental work. He recommended follow-ups every two years. He was very personable and professional.

    Reviewed by: Maria

  • I had my hip replaced by Dr. Sparling. It's 6-months later, and I feel great. It's scary to hear that you need such a major surgery. Dr. Sparling listened to my concerns, directed me on how best to prepare for surgery, and has been a great council post-surgery. His surgical staff is amazing. They took excellent care of me, and I'm so thankful.

    Reviewed by: Kathy